January 20, 2020

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ADDING MULTIMEDIA Accenture, SAP, and Synchrony to...

Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture, has announced that the theme for its 2020 Great Place to Work For All Summit will be “For All Leadership,” which describes organizational leaders adept at fostering genuine human connections, developing their teams on a continual basis, solving multi-dimensional problems, and enabling every employee to […]

5 Workplace Cultures and Trends to be Thankful for

This Thanksgiving, what are the 5 workplace trends you are thankful for?  What could be more awesome than working for a company that fosters a rich and healthy work culture? Good workplace culture is much more than just catered meals, foosball tables, and coffee machines. It’s one that constantly works towards making employees happy and […]

Role of 5G in Workplace Collaboration

Even before broadband was introduced, people started anticipating its revolutionary effects in the field of workplace collaboration. And broadband delivered too. Live Video meetings, instant document sharing, webinars – these may not appear to be extraordinary facilities today, but they were not so common earlier. With the dawn of 5G era in the digital age, […]

How AI Can Improve Employee Experience in 2019

Workplace culture has become a common phrase in boardrooms as companies examine the success of companies with high-profile cultures like Google and Asana. These organizations share a crucial trait: they know that in a highly competitive marketplace, culture can provide a business advantage by ensuring employees are happy, effective and empowered to produce great work. […]

Speakap Issues Latest Employee Satisfaction &...

Speakap, the provider of branded communication platforms that enable companies to have structured dialogue with their frontline, announced the results of their latest study, The Culture Factor: Improving Employee Loyalty & Relationships. The objective of the study was to understand elements impacting the perception of culture within organizations, how companies communicate culture and change, and […]