September 23, 2019

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Role of Cloud in HR Management

Cloud Computing is not a recent buzzword. The technology has been here for more than a decade now. And no industry has been able to keep itself away from it, simply because it has a lot to offer. HR technology has also been largely touched by cloud computing. More and more organizations are making the […]

What is Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI)?

Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) is a US-based credentialing body that offers certifications to HR managers, generalists, and administrators. It awards the certifications after the professionals successfully complete the exams of competency covering HRM (Human Resource Management) practices, policies, and principles as the subjects. Thus, it helps HR professionals boost their career opportunities, professional credibility, […]

How Can Your Organization Manage Candidate Queries Faster With Live Chat

Imagine having ten jobseekers that applied to your job ad. Now, let’s say each of them has at least two queries that you should respond. It may require certain effort, but you probably can deal with it manually, right? But what if there are more than 100 candidates who applied, and they have a bunch […]

With Workplace Violence on the Rise, 1 out of 7 People Don’t Feel Safe at Work

New SHRM data demonstrates need for more workplace violence education, prevention and training; SHRM creates toolkit to provide employers with resources to address the issue Just last month, the Aurora, Ill., community made national headlines for a workplace shooting that left five people dead and several police officers injured. With workplace shootings occurring at places […]