February 23, 2020

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Global Recruitment Firms Push Employers to Increas...

Annual Trends Research Also Shows That Despite Increased Prospects of Recession, Recruitment Firms are Optimistic About Revenue Growth Bullhorn, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, found that 77 percent of global recruitment firms say that employers must accelerate worker pay increases in order to compete for qualified candidates […]

Role of Cloud in HR Management

Cloud Computing is not a recent buzzword. The technology has been here for more than a decade now. And no industry has been able to keep itself away from it, simply because it has a lot to offer. HR technology has also been largely touched by cloud computing. More and more organizations are making the […]

Bullhorn Announces Bullhorn One Commercial Edition...

Powerful Solution Allows Commercial Staffing Firms to Run Their Businesses from Start to Finish Bullhorn, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their business, announced Bullhorn One Commercial Edition, with integrated payroll from PrismHR. Bullhorn One Commercial Edition allows firms to power their business on a unified start-to-finish solution, from applicant […]

Working in the Era of Digital Transformations

Emerging business strategies, trends, and disrupters are driving an enormous shift in the way organizations to function these days. Everything related to a workspace has been disrupted by various experiments i.e. from closed cabins to cubicles to an open floor with everyone working together. Shared workspaces have surpassed traditional workspaces and are becoming an obvious choice […]

Building the Roadmap to a Successful Digital Workp...

Organizations are in the midst of spending trillions on the Digital Transformation Revolution yet run the risk of squandering that investment by failing to heed the old adage, those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. This transformation is exciting, but those investing in it may not see the boost in productivity they expect. […]

Do Employees Really Care about AI And Automation I...

Nobody can deny the impact of new-age technologies such as Robotics, AI and Automation on business growth. According to all leading researchers and tech analysts, AI and Automation are new catalysts of growth arriving from better productivity, efficiency and reduced errors. But, do these technologies find a similar sentiment among workers and managers? Are workers worried […]