September 20, 2019

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What is HR Automation?

Human Resources is one of the core units of an organization. This department takes care of numerous responsibilities such as candidate screening, onboarding, and other activities in an employee’s workplace lifecycle up to exit. It’s humanly impossible to keep a track of every employee’s tenure in the company, especially if it’s located at multiple global […]

70% of US Employees Hold Positive View of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace Today

Genesys survey results challenge common assumptions about AI job displacement fears Despite recent doom-and-gloom anecdotal reporting, a nationwide survey of 1,001 workers in the United States (US) finds that 70% have an upbeat attitude toward new workplace technologies involving artificial intelligence (AI), such as chatbots, robots and augmented reality. Only 5% say they dislike new […]

Amazon Alexa Is Now HIPAA-Eligible. What’s Next?

“Congratulations to Amazon. Their news about Alexa and HIPAA compliance is a solid step forward. They are joined by a full range of innovators seeking to leverage voice, chatbots and conversational AI to improve healthcare. We are truly in the midst of a digital revolution and I’m confident it will bring positive change to patients […]

Chatbots are the New HR Managers

Chatbots will continue to transform virtually every business function from marketing to sales to customer support. One of the other areas that we’ll see a major transformation is HR. HR teams have a very challenging job with seemingly conflicting objectives: keeping employees focused and working hard while also keeping them happy and satisfied. HR teams are […]