December 6, 2019

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Global Research Shows AI to Shape Technology Landscape of 2020s, But Unintended Consequences Pose Big Risks

ISACA Marks 50th Anniversary by Surveying 5,000+ Tech Pros on the Next Decade of Tech The evolving relationship between artificial intelligence, automation and humans is expected to create promising opportunities in the tech workforce while simultaneously presenting sobering concerns for the general public, according to new ISACA research sizing up the tech landscape of the […]

IT Professionals Feel Hampered by Lack of Training and Development

Skillsoft, a global leader in corporate learning, reveals many IT professionals are not receiving the training or support needed to implement digital innovation, keep up with emerging technologies and working practices, or perform effectively in roles that are rapidly evolving. For those working in the fields of DevOps, AI, cyber and data security, infrastructure, and […]

Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Firm Jobot Expands to Boston

Continues Rapid Growth with Opening of New Office Outside Boston, Mass. Jobot has launched just a year ago; will hire 20 recruiters for the Boston office CareerBliss and Google AI are its sister organizations Recruiting Manager Ryan Sullivan will head the development and the hiring for the Boston location Jobot announced today that they are […]

BRK Strategies Releases New Study Exploring Fundamental AI Philosophical Directions for Future Innovation: ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Need for World Class Capability?’

BRK Strategies recently released an in-house funded research-study that explores Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the specific direction in which it is driving future innovation. The study expounds on what it means for AI to be the “destiny of our future innovation” for a wide variety of industries and careers, especially as it relates to a […]

DailyPay Joins Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network

Program Supports Innovations to Reshape the Future of Workforce Management DailyPay, the leading provider of the daily pay benefit — a benefit offered through employers that allows employees to receive instant access to their earned wages – announced it has joined the Kronos Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Network. The network is a fast-growing ecosystem of […]

Simpplr Launches Auto-Governance Engine so Employee Intranets Stop Becoming Content Dumping Grounds

AI-Backed Technology Recognizes When Intranet Content Is Stale and Helps Keep It Up-To-Date Simpplr, maker of internal communications and employee engagement software (that is marketed as today’s modern employee intranet), announced the launch of their new Auto-Governance Engine. Using backend AI, the engine helps surface and remove outdated content to ensure the intranet stays up-to-date […]

What Will Your Workplace Look Like In 2020?

Automation Will Be The Ringmaster The year 2020 will turn out to be a significant landmark for the future of employment. With companies across the globe, adopting automation and AI to get rid of repetitive and redundant tasks, the workforce of tomorrow will resort to upskill itself in order to adapt to the changing scenarios. […]

A Majority of the Global Workforce Is Ready to Shift Jobs and Develop Skills in Response to Globalization and Technology Changes

Perceptions of Megatrends’ Impact on Their Jobs Lead 65% of People to Devote Significant Effort to Upskilling; 67% Also Would Reskill for a New Job, According to a Study of 366,000 in 197 Countries by BCG and The Network A majority of people worldwide believe that global megatrends greatly affect their jobs, a belief that […]

How to Invest in a Recruiting Chatbot Based on What Your Applicants Want

Amidst the talk of whether Artificial Intelligence will improve our jobs or take them away, recruiting is one industry where there’s an acknowledgment that the human touch will always be fundamental. In fact, Artificial Intelligence has already changed the way the recruiting industry operates: Think automated resume screening, job matching, and automated sourcing just to […]
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