February 23, 2020

PROPHET II and PROPHET Pro From HiringSolved to Further Modernize Candidate Sourcing

Prophet II and Prophet Pro From HiringSolved to Further Modernize Candidate Sourcing

The world leader in AI-powered software for recruiting and Talent Acquisition Automation, HiringSolved, announced the launch of its updated offerings PROPHET II and PROPHET Pro that will take candidate sourcing up a notch. With these tools, HiringSolved is growing its industry-leading social enrichment experience by adding valuable data that recruiters require to source and recruit role-fitting candidates. Furthermore, PROPHET II and PROPHET Pro offer a plethora of options to find the right candidates and are extremely useful to use.

“With PROPHET II, we’re combining HiringSolved’s award-winning AI software with a world-class database of hundreds of millions of open web profiles to build an unbeatable candidate sourcing tool. Other software struggles to compare and similar tools cost thousands of dollars more. We are releasing a tool that no recruiter can live without and all recruiters can afford to use,” Shon Burton, CEO of HiringSolved quoted.

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PROPHET has already been here for quite some time that lets recruiters find contact information of candidates looking out for jobs from various sites. It was launched in 2014 and has witnessed numerous PROPHET II is an updated version that does much more. It uses a newly engineered AI-powered search interface that lets you find qualified candidates from hundreds of millions of records with ease. The candidates can then be added to lists and exported to any system of the recruiters’ choice. Qualified individuals can be searched with any combination of job titles, past experience, specific skills, past employers, and geographies. At the launch of the tool, all users will get up to 600 candidate profiles per month, for free.

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PROPHET Pro is a paid edition of PROPHET II with additional capabilities for the recruiters to search for and source suitable persons for the available vacancies. It enables recruiters to receive information on 6000 new candidates each month and is tagged at an introductory price of $50 a month. That means it provides almost 30 times the credit of any other recruiting platform at just half the price.

PROPHET that started as a simple tool to find candidates’ information from various websites has now evolved into a tool that adds valuable data about employers, job titles, and additional social profiles to individual profiles on Twitter, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Facebook, Meetup, and others. It now boasts of a user-base of 70,000 professionals.

It’s great how a simple contact-finding tool has evolved into a legitimate sourcing intelligent tool over the course of years, all thanks to AI and Machine Learning. They automate candidate matching, reduce the time taken to fill jobs, increase diversity, analyze the social web, and unlock the power of your ATS, CRM, and HRIS data, ultimately leading to increase in efficiency.

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