January 27, 2020

Dutch HR Tech Startup Harver Raises $15 Million to Automate Volume Recruitment

Dutch HR Tech Startup Harver Raises $15 Million to Automate Volume Recruitment

Will Provide Enterprises with a Non-Biased Way to Evaluate and Automate Volume Recruitment

Harver, the recruitment and HR platform company from Amsterdam, Netherlands, has raised $15 million in Series B financing. The financing was led by Insight Partners and this brings the company’s total funding to $35 million. The Dutch startup will use the funding on digital automation of the volume recruitment process for enterprises.

Launched in 2015, Harver’s pre-employment assessment platform digitally transformed hiring at scale for many renowned companies around the globe. The company has offices in Amsterdam, New York, and London. It is committed to providing enterprises with a non-biased way to assess and automate the candidate selection process across the US and Europe.

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Digitally Transforming the Candidate Selection Process of Large Enterprise Companies

Netflix, Booking.com, Uber, and Heineken are some of the biggest clients of Harver. The platform automates most part of the hiring process. Applicants are made to take several tests. Afterward, Harver makes use of machine learning to find out the best applicant for a job by matching his/her skills to the original requirements. It can easily manage a high volume of applications and allows no scope for any kind of bias. It allows recruiters to make data-driven hiring decisions by capturing and presenting the most accurate information.

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Barend Raaff, co-founder and CEO at Harver, said, “With our technology, we’re able to digitally transform the candidate selection process of large enterprise companies around the globe. We’ll empower recruiters to match candidates better and faster while eliminating all bias from the decision-making process.” He clarified that Harver will go on to improve its offerings with the recently raised capital. He went on to add that the support received from Insight partners will help the company expand its products and connect with more organizations looking to transform their recruitment processes.

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