April 6, 2020

Benefits Administration Company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Shares How Technology is Consumerizing Benefits

Benefits Administration Company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Shares How Technology is Consumerizing Benefits

Benefits administration company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, shares how technology is consumerizing benefits.

With technology pervading all aspects of everyday life, it’s no surprise that this technology also has a strong impact on benefits. With benefits trends always shifting, the following are ways that technology is consumerizing benefits.

First and foremost, technology is streamlining the administration of employee benefits administration. While larger companies have the ability to increase staff to address the regulations surrounding regulating employee benefits, smaller companies face a disadvantage in this regard. That is why investing in technology is a viable way to ease overwhelmed employees’ daily stresses. This is where cloud storage technology can come into play. This technology can help to secure data, provide backups, and offer relief from excessive paperwork.

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Employees’ physical and mental well-being needs to be a top priority and addressed holistically. Employees need to have one place to visit that encompasses physical, mental, social, and financial wellness. Utilizing technology allows employees to access this information from the palm of their hand. They can customize their experience and choose benefits that are specifically suited to their situation. Consumerizing this experience gives them the freedom to evaluate all available benefits before homing in on the best plan.

Technology can also boost wellness initiative administration. While these programs initially were established to encourage employees to adopt healthy behaviors as well as catch early stages of maladies, implementing wellness benefits has resulted in an increase in gym memberships, an increase in wearable tech purchases, and physical activity during lunch breaks.

Fortunately, technology can streamline the entire benefits enrollment process. An online platform reduces tedious paperwork, allows employees access to their benefits 24/7—at their convenience—and results in long-term employee satisfaction. Pen and paper enrollment should be a thing of the past. Plus, benefits professionals are freed up to provide employees with benefits support.

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