February 23, 2020

Reflektive Reinvigorates Employee-Manager Conversations to Drive Organizational Alignment and Engaged, Productive Workforce

Reflektive Reinvigorates Employee-Manager Conversations to Drive Organizational Alignment and Engaged, Productive Workforce

The people behind people management address the needs of the modern employee with new 1:1 solution and Homepage experience

Reflektive, the leading people management platform, announced its new 1:1 solution and Homepage experience in conjunction with this week’s Culture Summit in San Francisco. Rajeev Behera, Reflektive founder and CEO, will speak at the conference for HR professionals, people leaders and culture champions later this week about the future of work and how companies can get the most value from and for their employees.

“We wanted to elevate our 1:1 conversations so we’re able to address employee development head on”

Cross-industry thought leaders begin congregating today at the event to share insights and best practices on how to transform workplace culture. Alongside leaders from Airbnb, Zendesk and iRestart, Behera will speak on the “Innovation and Inclusion in the Future of Work” panel on June 27, diving into the evolution of the workplace and how to position people to thrive. The panel will touch on many of the same people management trends Reflektive is addressing with its new 1:1 solution, which the company publicly rolls out today.

Reflektive recently surveyed more than 1,000 US employees to uncover the primary factors driving engagement. The data revealed that direct managers have the most significant role to play when it comes to engaging, growing and retaining talent. Fostering better communication and alignment between employees and managers — and encouraging both to have consistent, structured and purposeful conversations — can have a dramatic impact on company-wide engagement.

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In fact, Reflektive found that employees who have productive 1:1s with their managers are twice as engaged as those who don’t and three times more likely to stay at their companies over the next two years. Unfortunately, 45 percent of employees don’t think their 1:1s are productive, and while most want more feedback and career conversations with their managers, they don’t know how or where to start.

To address this and enable companies to improve employee engagement, retention and alignment at scale, Reflektive revamped its entire Performance solution. Its new 1:1 solution empowers managers and employees to have better conversations with the use of structured Conversation Starters, on which Reflektive collaborated with customers and organizational experts. This feature helps new and seasoned managers alike to engage employees in a meaningful and consistent way. Managers and employees can easily collaborate through Reflektive, email, Slack or mobile to set 1:1 agendas for constructive discussions. They can also track conversations by date and easily follow up on items they need to revisit.

“At Reflektive, we believe in harnessing the power of productive conversations as the first stepping stone and foundation of a fully engaged workforce,” said Behera. “Great 1:1 meetings aren’t status meetings; they are intentional conversations that align managers and employees and create healthy working relationships. We created this new experience to help companies transition career and coaching conversations from a nice-to-have to a must-have.”

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Reflektive customer HelpSystems has been using the new 1:1 solution and Homepage in beta to do just that.

“We wanted to elevate our 1:1 conversations so we’re able to address employee development head on,” said Jordan Bengtson, senior HR business partner at HelpSystems. “Reflektive’s new 1:1 solution with Conversation Starters helps ensure these critical discussions take place consistently and easily so we can scale great management.”

Great performance management is also becoming faster and more intuitive with Reflektive’s new Homepage. It helps users more easily navigate the Reflektive platform, gives leaders full visibility into what’s happening in their organizations, and pushes personalized suggestions to managers on the best actions to take to engage their people.

These capabilities come at a critical time when unemployment rates are at historic lows and employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges that organizations of all sizes face. Reflektive’s new and improved solutions encourage more dynamic and purposeful conversations, which lead to an engaged, productive workforce and better business outcomes.

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