February 28, 2020

HSA Administrators, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Provides Tips for Utilizing Social Media as an HR Tool

HSA Administrators, Clarity Benefit Solutions, Provides Tips for Utilizing Social Media as an HR Tool

HSA administrators, Clarity Benefit Solutions, provides tips for utilizing social media as a Human Resources (HR) tool.

In the past, social media has rarely been associated with professional business. In fact, the two have been kept largely separate, perhaps with the exception of LinkedIn. But recent years have seen a shift to more things digital, and social media has become a legitimate way to share information with a large global audience.

Here are tips for utilizing social media as an HR tool.

First, use social media to highlight company culture. This really helps with boosting employee morale as well as recruiting potential talent. Audiences respond really well to behind-the-scenes type content that humanizes companies. Potential employees want to know that they are going to be part of a real team, not just another cog in a machine. You can share content like videos of employees explaining their roles, pictures from team-building events, and any unique or interesting tidbits about your company, office, or employees.

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Next, social media can be used to increase employee engagement. It is a powerful tool to reach employees where they respond the most. This is a great opportunity to highlight upcoming projects, shout out employee accomplishments and tease upcoming events. Employees get a morale boost when they see themselves being recognized and appreciated rather than just being considered an employee.

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Finally, social media is a great tool for sharing company updates. Although this is the less “fun” use of social media, it’s very effective as an HR tool. Social media can be used to announce training sessions, important company deadlines, and organization-wide changes. Video-focused social media platforms are also great for running training sessions or webinars that employees can tune into either live or on their own time. This is an effective way to reach employees when there are multiple office locations that are typically run separately—it allows HR to reach everyone at once.

Many HR professionals are hesitant to incorporate social media into their strategy. However, it can be an extremely effective tool for engaging employees with HR updates.

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