December 7, 2019

“Do You Really Want to Be an Entrepreneur” Helps Small Business Owners Succeed

“Do You Really Want to Be an Entrepreneur” Helps Small Business Owners Succeed

Morgan James’ new business book release, “Do You Really Want to be an Entrepreneur?: How I Created a Seven-figure Business in Twenty-four Months Right from My Kitchen Table,”by Karel Vermeulen, is a practical guide that shares the secrets to rapid business growth. Do You Really Want to be an Entrepreneur? was written for anyone interested in starting or growing their own business.

“Many aspiring entrepreneurs have great ideas; however, these ideas alone do not necessarily translate to a successful business,” said Vermeulen, one of the Top 20 Small Business Award Winners in 2016 in South Africa. “Unlocking the full potential of these ideas requires an understanding of all of the elements that make up a successful business.”

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This knowledge, and instructions on how to properly apply it, is available in Do You Really Want to be an EntrepreneurEntrepreneurs also will discover Vermeulen’s 10 Tips on Self-Empowerment and the 7 proven tips and principles of effective networking, how to accelerate your sales as well as the importance of having the right mindset for success integrated with success habits.

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Vermeulen reveals how he turned his own idea into a multi-million-dollar global business. He uses this valuable experience to empower others to achieve the same success he did by showing them how to strategically plan and structure their marketing, branding, and sales force to millions. Through “Do You Really Want to be an Entrepreneur,” aspiring business owners learn how to set up their business for substantial growth and success in every area while asking themselves The Naked Truth: Do I really want to become an entrepreneur? They discover the real answer to this question through discovering how everything is about mindset.

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