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Hiretual Launches Healthcare and IT-Tech AI Sourcing Solutions

AI recruiting platform Hiretual recently launched their Healthcare and IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solutions. Available for recruiters on the Hiretual platform, these are the first-ever AI-powered sourcing solutions to solve recruiters’ problems in healthcare and technology fields. Customized filters relating to healthcare and IT industries work wonders when it comes to sourcing candidates from the said areas.

Hiretual is already a pioneer in the field of sourcing, doing a majority of the work at the top of the funnel by sourcing, screening, and initiating outreach to potential candidates.

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Steven Jiang, CEO and Co-Founder of Hiretual said that the company has served over 200,000 recruiters from across the world in the past three years. The team came to realize that the two sectors – Healthcare and IT are comparatively tougher in terms of recruitment owing to their continuously competitive and evolving nature. “After one year of day and night technology development and iteration based on our community’s feedback, we are ready to launch the first-ever Healthcare-specific and IT-specific AI Sourcing,” Steven added.

In an interview with TecHR Series earlier when Steven was asked about the ways AI/ML were transforming hiring practices, he told that AI and machine learning were basically shifting hiring from a data-driven process to an intelligence-driven process.

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“For years we’ve been using systems that let us amplify the volume of candidates we evaluate and candidate data that we collect. While having this data does lead to better, fairer decision-making, it takes a monumental amount of time to dig through that data and draw out great candidates and important insights. AI and machine learning give us the tools to quickly analyze that data to find great candidates, key performance indicators, and opportunities to improve the hiring process.”

Building on the same principle, Hiretual has come up with two new solutions that are set to revolutionize the respective industries at large. The Healthcare AI Sourcing Solution will help recruiters in finding/sourcing over 10 million healthcare professionals from targeted platforms including the U.S. Boards of Nursing, RateMDs, Zocdoc, and Healthgrades, etc. On the other hand, the IT/Tech AI Sourcing Solution by Hiretual will help recruiters source professionals from a targeted and fresher pool of more than 20 million tech candidates.

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