March 31, 2020

All About Recruitment SEO and How to Do It

So recently I came across a post on Reddit and that’s what led me to write this article.

Recruitment SEO

But first

What is Recruitment SEO? 

Those to know what it is, please skip this part.

SEO is a concept which generally talks about optimizing your website so that your website can be found by the right type of audience. 

In your case, it might be people who are looking for jobs, but to be specific you would likely want to target people who are looking for a specific type of jobs, the one you are willing to advertise.


The one which are vacant and you don’t feel like spending money on. 

That’s SEO in a nutshell. 

Moving on, now what you know what Recruitment SEO, you should also know what SEO is, a lot of people relate SEO to Google, which is not. 

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is generally performed on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc. You need to choose in which Search Engine you’re interested in. 

For the sake of this article, we are going to proceed with Google. Let’s assume you already have a website.

SEO is full of myths, you have to try and literally experiment each and everything because how SEO really works in only known to those Google Engineers who are working on Google Search Engine, others are simply guessing. 

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1. Fix Performance Issues

The very first thing you should do is to check how good your website is performing. Just to GTMetrix & enter your website name there and press go. You’ll get a report, which is something like this:gtmetrix

If it’s not A, don’t worry. You can check out a few basic things over here:

gtmetrix 2

Simply looking at these will help you figure out what needs to be done. Google loves fast websites, and these measures will ensure you have a snappy website.

2. Fix your title and description

Next is working on your meta titles and meta descriptions.

meta title and description

You need to need to have these for your website, this is what Google reads and your website visitors as well.  You can edit this part by looking into your website code. Make sure to keep Meta title under 60 characters and meta description under 160 characters.

The best idea to create appealing meta title and meta description is to use keywords in the description and also in the meta title. Keywords are those words that your audience might find useful. 

For example: If you have vacancies for an iOS Developer, you can add “iOS Developer” in your meta title and meta description. 

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3. Verify your website on Google Search Console

This will help you understand your website visitors. GSC helps you to collect valuable keyword data which can be used to understand what people are using to reach your website. Click on this link and then click on add property to add your website

It’s simple as compared to its benefits.

4. Make sure you have these files are on your website

Robots.txt and Sitemap – you need to have these two files in your website directory. To wrap it up in short, robots file will get Google know whether to scan your website or not and sitemap will let Google know how to read your website. 

5. Get Backlinks

The secret ingredient is backlinks. A backlink is a link coming from other websites to your website. You can’t simply create a good looking website and hope for candidates to flow in.

But how to get backlinks?

Create content and exchange your content among other blogs. Ask your friends to link your website when you give them a piece of content. The more, the better. 

Do the above and you’ll notice a significant change in your candidate flow.

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