April 9, 2020

Category: Guest Posts

How Payroll Software Can Streamline Your Business

Every business needs to advance its operations to be successful, but many are not willing to spend money and time on a solution. In this digital age, the demand for solutions that enhance productivity and ensure return on investment (ROI) using fewer resources is increasing by the day. The process of staying updated with regulations, […]

Using Software to Improve Employee Onboarding

Starting a new employee is always going to be a daunting step, both for the new recruit and for the recruiter. They say the first few weeks are often the toughest because your employee may decide to leave for pastures new. But a good onboarding can prevent all of that. In fact, research on Glassdoor […]

All About Recruitment SEO and How to Do It

So recently I came across a post on Reddit and that’s what led me to write this article. But first What is Recruitment SEO?  Those to know what it is, please skip this part. SEO is a concept which generally talks about optimizing your website so that your website can be found by the right […]

How HR Can Create and Sustain a Culture of Perform...

We used to think that it was just millennials who made career decisions to join or leave an organization based on company culture. A newly released study from Glassdoor suggests that when it comes to attracting new applicants, a company’s culture may be equally important as the salary they offer, if not more. This makes having […]

How Mind Mapping Software Started Visual Thinking ...

Mind mapping is a well-known and invaluable tool for boosting the creative thinking process. It has been used for many years. Everyone remembers drawing graphs, schemes, tables, diagrams, and charts on whiteboards either personally or as a team, in turn or all together adding individual ideas and features to the overall visual picture.  With the […]

People Analytics to Boost Your Recruitment Game &#...

When we discuss analytics it is very easy to get lost in an ocean of data, graphs, and reports. Most ERP software or HRIS (human resource information systems) present a long list of graphs and reports that can be accessed and still we will always have some requests to the database admin to extract some […]

Reskilling: How to Create a “Learn-It-All” Culture...

Established companies are reshaping workforces at an unprecedented scale. AT&T, for example, launched an initiative to retrain nearly half its workforce to the tune of $1 billion after discovering that nearly half of its people lacked the necessary skills needed to keep the company competitive. Over a four-year period, Accenture reskilled nearly 300,000 employees, investing […]

How To Hire a Developer In Two Weeks: 3 Practical ...

Recruiting software developers is a tough task. According to various surveys and stats, the talent shortage in tech is at its highest level since 2008. For example, research conducted by StackOverflow points out that there are currently 5 jobs hiring for every available software developer. Competition for talent is extremely high too. So, for companies […]

IBM Finds Behavioral Skills Development Takes Prio...

Operationalizing the New Behavioral Skills Development Imperative IBM’s latest biennial report assessing the workplace skills gap finds that behavioral skills training has surpassed technical skills on the list of executives’ priorities for their employees’ professional development. That key takeaway may be surprising to many who see the pace of technological innovation increasing, but here’s how […]

How Tech is Transforming HR?

HR Management is a technology-based profession today! Technology is being imbibed by professionals from every field and human resource (HR) professionals are not left behind. The technology is helping HR professionals with the right tools to reduce their time spent on administrative tasks. It is digitizing the HR processes and promoting a shift in their […]
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