October 22, 2019

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Working in the Era of Digital Transformations

  • By Amit Ramani
  • September 12, 2019
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Emerging business strategies, trends, and disrupters are driving an enormous shift in the way organizations to function these days. Everything related to a workspace has been disrupted by various experiments i.e. from closed cabins to cubicles to an open floor with everyone working together. Shared workspaces have surpassed traditional workspaces and are becoming an obvious choice […]

Bring Virtual Talent to Your Company with These Common Tech Tools

One of the most impactful changes that HR professionals must navigate in the 21st-century workplace is the rise of remote workers. This new way of working requires not only a mindset shift, but new tools and processes for recruitment, retention, and employee success. According to a recent study, nearly 70 percent of employees work outside the office […]

Ensuring Workplace Technology Is a Fit for the Long-Term

This blog from Kimble Applications’ Co-Founder, Mark Robinson, highlights the Role of Workplace Technology and How to Take a Flexible Approach on an Overdetailed RFP. Selecting and implementing new technology is a challenging job for any Management team. It isn’t a surprise to anyone in this market that there are still too many instances of […]

How Much Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Forex Trade

The use of Artificial Intelligence is limitless. It has already impacted almost any segment of our lives. It helps us get feedback from brands in real-time; it minimizes the risk of human error and automates most of our daily activities; it improves the photos we take on our smartphones; it assesses our creditworthiness, and so […]

Years Later, Employees Still Want a “Thank You!”

The Thank-You note might not be trendy, but the meaning behind it never goes out of style. A recent Reward Gateway survey showed that 3 out of 4 U.S. employees believe their motivation and morale would improve if their manager said “thank you” more. This number is up from a similar survey in 2017 with […]

Solving the Advertising Talent Problem with Technology

Though some have tried to ignore it, there’s a giant elephant lumbering about in the room of advertising. We’re a decade into the programmatic marketing revolution and digital marketing remains an overwhelmingly human endeavor. And yet, optimizing people-related costs (and outcomes) is rarely discussed above a whisper level. Not talking about this elephant won’t make […]

Leadership Hack: A Simple “Thank You” Can Make You a Better Leader

A leadership hack goes a long way in making you a better manager, a better human.  Remember the last time a client, a boss or a co-worker gave you a hand-written thank-you note to tell you you’re doing a good job? Maybe someone at work has surprised you with flowers, an unexpected gift or a […]

Creatives On-Duty: Why the Gig Economy is About to Change the Ad World

Your biggest client just let you know they want to run radio campaigns in their top 5 markets and want custom content that reflects knowledge of each city and its local dialect and slang. One of your best creatives is on a three-week vacation trekking in Nepal and you just can’t afford a full-time fill-in. […]

3 Fail-Safes for Communicating During a Crisis

It seems not a week goes by without hearing news of the latest natural disaster affecting our planet. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster, and for those that do, only 29% are still operating two years later. Smart planning can help you keep […]

Getting Started with Linkedin Live

LinkedIn Live is LinkedIn’s version of Facebook or Instagram Live. This new platform allows users to broadcast live video to their network and allows company pages to broadcast to their followers. The platform is being rolled out slowly and is currently being piloted by a small group of users, so it isn’t yet available to […]
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