July 22, 2019

Category: Guest Posts

3 Ways to Tie Individual Goals to Business Goals

Businesses are facing a dilemma when it comes to goals: according to Gallup, employee productivity increases by 56 percent when managers are involved in helping their reports and aligning their goals with the needs of the organization. Despite this, only 44 percent of those employees felt they could connect their goals to those of the […]

Key Takeaways from Flex Summit: Global Flex Work Demands Inclusive and Responsive Management

We hosted Flex Summit in early June, a first-of-its-kind conference where thought leaders, innovators, and authors shared their insights, inspiration, and stories about the future of flexible work. We heard about the promise of flexible work and pitfalls. We also learned about practical and innovative ways to make flexible workplaces a reality. At the event, […]

4 Masterclass Tips to Unlock High Performance in Employees

Work Is a Relationship. Here’s What Your Employees Need so They Will Give Their All. Work is a relationship – between employees and their coworkers, managers, employers, and the organization as a whole. No matter the size of your company, it’s a living, breathing ecosystem that requires everyone to participate in order to build a […]

5 Ways Your Human Resource Department Can Connect With Candidates Faster

Do you think your recruitment process lasts longer than it should? Are you afraid that the recruitment duration jeopardizes your business performance? Vacant job positions indeed provoke lower efficiency and, therefore, higher costs. To eliminate unnecessary losses and speed up the recruitment process, you should start with speeding up the connection with job seekers. This […]

How Can Your Organization Manage Candidate Queries Faster With Live Chat

Imagine having ten jobseekers that applied to your job ad. Now, let’s say each of them has at least two queries that you should respond. It may require certain effort, but you probably can deal with it manually, right? But what if there are more than 100 candidates who applied, and they have a bunch […]

How HR Can Go Agile to Keep Pace with a Digital, Mobile World

 We’re now living in a largely digital and mobile world one in which job postings almost always occur online, networking happens in the context of social media, and many candidates prefer to search for jobs on their smartphones and tablets. Even employee onboarding can now be carried out almost entirely through online platforms. In today’s […]

The Startup’s Guide to Accelerating Talent Acquisition

In the world of startups, growth is good. Not just good, growth is pretty much the holy grail of startup culture. Everyone is jockeying for position, for funding, and for the people. It’s that last one that we find the most interesting since, well that’s our thing, but also because the need for Talent Acquisition […]

Leveraging Data Science to Power the Future of Work

Depending on who you talk to, the future of work can be exciting or daunting—or both. What cannot be denied is that tomorrow’s work landscape will look much different from yesterday’s. As the pace of Data Science innovation increases by the second, evolving the economy in tandem, we need to keep people at the heart […]

The Only Question You Need to Ask When Hiring

Hiring is hard but the most critical task of any organization. Just look at the number of online hiring platforms and you can quickly relate to how difficult it is for a company to swim through the sheer masses of candidates to find the right team members. Yet resumes don’t make this job much easier. […]

The Importance of a Clear Diversity Statement in Tech

In recent years, we’ve seen a pronounced shift in the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the business world. An ever-growing number of organizations, from budding startups to Fortune 500 giants and beyond, are making diversity and inclusion a priority, investing in more initiatives and viewing diversity as a driving force behind long-term growth and […]
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