April 10, 2020

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Four Ways HR Automation Can Help Your Business Sta...

Growth-oriented companies are on a mission to build something new or disrupt the old ways with bright innovative solutions. These businesses are used to running lean in order to achieve the next phase of growth. During the COVID–19 pandemic, they need to make every dollar count more than ever.  HR automation can help business owners […]

Rethinking Human Capital in the Gig Economy

The gig economy is emerging as a significant source of income for workers across the country. In fact, over 57 million Americans performed freelance or gig work in 2019, contributing an estimated one trillion dollars to the overall economy. While freelance work spans a wide gamut, many workers are opting to join digital platforms to […]

How Employee Referrals Can Reduce Hourly Worker Tu...

With the unemployment rate at its lowest level in fifty years, sourcing candidates is an acute problem for all employers. What was called the “War for Talent” has now given way to the “War for Attention”. This battle is particularly evident in the market for hourly employees. More than 80 million Americans, representing nearly 60% […]

How to Maintain Employee Morale from Anywhere

It’s a particularly difficult and confusing time to be a person right now, especially when you’re a person who also happens to be an HR professional. Your company leaders and teammates alike are looking for you to set the tone of how seriously or lightly they should respond to COVID19. It’s essential that your response […]

Turnover Turbulence: Understanding The Impact Of H...

For businesses to thrive in today’s economy, finding and retaining the best employees is crucial. As a small business owner or entrepreneur, high turnover can negatively impact the profitability and productivity of your company. Turnover can stem from many reasons, including inadequate hiring practices, personality clashes, weak corporate culture and mismanagement. If you want to […]

3 Signs You’re Ready for HR Technology

Is your growing business ready for HR technology? With the human capital management (HCM) market projected to be a $26.5 billion industry by 2024, chances are your company may be more ready than you realize. Not too long ago, HCM software was thought to be technology only large companies needed or could afford, but thanks to […]

Scaling Your “Gut Feeling” – Using People Analytic...

Why “Gut Feeling” Doesn’t Scale for Hiring and What You Can Do Instead Whether you are a business owner or a C-level executive, chances are you’ve used your “gut feeling” when hiring team members over the course of your career. Your success has been built upon choices that were informed by hundreds of thousands of […]

The Value in Making Your Next Job Posting a Video

Studies show that 72% of people see video playing a role in the hiring process of the future – which isn’t surprising if you step back and look at how recruitment and video content can be interrelated. Recruitment is a process where building a connection is one of the most important elements. And, video is […]

Coronavirus at Work: What Happens If Your Boss Won...

Businesses everywhere are facing the challenge of what to do in the event of an outbreak. The following article will explain how workers could be affected by some of their potential decisions. These options might be on the table, as companies endeavor to prevent staff from potential exposure to COVID-19. Health officials are warning Americans […]

Fact or Fiction: Is “Work-Life Balance” Just a Myt...

  The conversation about work-life balance in modern society began in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. In the centuries since, the discussion that helped establish the 40-hour work week has evolved into a multimillion dollar industry rife with consultancies and scientific articles, begging the question: after so much time and money spent, how do […]
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