May 27, 2019

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5 Ways Global and Local HR Teams Can Connect Their Functions with HR Technology

Managing people at a local and global scale is never easy. The global and local HR functions always find themselves unable to balance scale and agility across their locations. Today’s high-impact HR models bring a blend of flexible talent practices for stability and mobility with the added benefits to find, attract, hire, manage, retain and […]

Employee Engagement: Leave No Generation Behind

Baby boomers, Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z make up today’s workforce. There is a ton of research on each generation. We have insights into how they prefer to be managed and what motivates different generations. We have insights into their career goals and how they communicate. With multiple generations in the workplace, do we […]

No One Is Reading Your Handbook, But They Could Be

No one reads employee handbooks. I know, I know. It’s frustrating, but it’s more than likely true. In fact, people don’t really read deeply in general at all — studies have shown they skim. (You’re probably skimming this article for the headings too, right?) So, let’s think about this reality in light of employee handbooks, […]

Continuous Adaptability: Distributing the Future More Evenly

Enterprises today understand that the future they need to plan for is already here. Or as William Gibson, an American-Canadian science-fiction writer wrote, “The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.” How organizations are responding to the idea of a future that is already here varies. However, while it is interesting to watch […]

Ditching Instincts for Technology: Let Hiring Technology Hire for You

Great talent comes at a cost, and the eye to identify that talent has often proved to be one of the biggest pain points for companies of all sizes and scale. According to a report by TalentNow, hiring managers are facing multi-pronged challenges in their recruitment process, and most of those have to do with […]

7 Ways to Engage Your Employees in 2019

A lot of companies pay lip-service to create a positive work environment that engages employees to do their best, but few companies actually deliver on that promise. In fact, research suggests that only 15% of employees worldwide are effectively engaged and motivated to do a good job. This is a shockingly low number and brings […]

Oracle Empowers HR Teams to Reimagine the Workplace Experience

Latest updates extend Oracle’s commitment to making work more human by helping HR personalize interactions for candidates, recruiters, managers, and employees To help organizations keep up with the evolving expectations of the global talent economy, Oracle announced new innovations to Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud. The latest innovations make work simpler, smarter and more agile by […]

7 Reasons to Empower Your HR Team with AI Chatbots

75% of HR leaders expect to start working with intelligent machines within the next three years. Chatbots are disrupting the industry, they say. These automated solutions, capable of working, communicating, and learning on their own, are uprooting inefficiency and driving business growth. They take care of repetitive tasks, they’re super fast with data, they help […]

The Importance of Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience to Reduce Customer Churn

Customers expect a frictionless experience across all touchpoints, and if a brand cannot deliver such an experience the customer will go elsewhere. If a customer begins a service request online, she will expect that a follow-up call to a live agent will not require starting from scratch. Likewise, a customer who purchases a new smartphone […]

The Future of AI: Are Jobs Under Threat?

Technology has greatly increased especially in the 21st century. This implies that human efforts are used less as computers are gaining more importance. Take the browsing through the internet for instance. Every time you decide to search something such as locksmith classes for example in your browser, the search engine shows the most relevant content […]
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