September 23, 2019

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Employee Development Tools: Are You Doing Enough to Get Today’s Employees Stay and Engage

Employee engagement is closely linked to the efforts their employer makes in training, learning, and development. There are an infinite number of ways to grow any business — Employee Development is a key process for an organization; and, Employee Development tools a key technology in this process. While most employers believe they do enough for […]

The Only Question You Need to Ask When Hiring

Hiring is hard but the most critical task of any organization. Just look at the number of online hiring platforms and you can quickly relate to how difficult it is for a company to swim through the sheer masses of candidates to find the right team members. Yet resumes don’t make this job much easier. […]

The Importance of a Clear Diversity Statement in Tech

In recent years, we’ve seen a pronounced shift in the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the business world. An ever-growing number of organizations, from budding startups to Fortune 500 giants and beyond, are making diversity and inclusion a priority, investing in more initiatives and viewing diversity as a driving force behind long-term growth and […] Implements Pocket Recruiter’s Artificial Intelligence Technology into Its Expanding Candidate Sourcing Services Group, Inc., a leading platform connecting recruiters and employers, announced a partnership agreement with Pocket Recruiter, an Artificial Intelligence based recruitment tool that drastically reduces the time it takes to screen, source and evaluate candidates. will offer the technology to its network of employers and independent recruiters to increase the efficacy of their […]

Are Managers Too Busy to Be Fair? Probably, a Florida International University Study Reveals

Employees often complain that managers don’t treat them fairly, meet with them, listen to their concerns, or update them about decisions. New research from Florida International University’s College of Business (FIU Business) finds that “unfairness” may be less about bosses being biased and more about them lacking time to juggle multiple competing priorities. Is your […]

Role of Technology in Closing the Gender Pay Gap in the Companies

The fight to eliminate the gender pay gap is in full swing, with the countries like Canada who passes the gender pay gap legislation and the issue of the gender pay gap will become a major topic of interest in the 2020. Despite efforts of activists, politicians, and even many companies, nearly half (48% percent) […]

How HR Managers Can Most Effectively Leverage Coaching Experts

While the industry of coaching has been functioning in a state of status quo for decades, the demand has spiked in recent years. It’s important, now more than ever, to have a trusted sounding board to enhance the skills that are forgotten when being so reliant on technology as a means of communication. Soft skills, […]

5 Steps to Purchase the Best Small Business Health Insurance

If you are a business owner with limited time, thinking about adding health insurance options for your employees might seem like a daunting task. In today’s competitive job market, employees are looking for security and support, and when it comes to what job seekers want, health insurance rates are second only to a salary. Health […]

AI in Training, Learning and Development: 5 HR Technology Best Practices for Every Company

AI and Automation have digitally transformed all major operations in an organization. Enterprise software developers have been working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help organizations save time, human resources and cost of Operations. AI in Training and Development is slated to become a powerful avenue for the HR Technology industry. AI is going to be […]

4 Reasons Peer-to-Peer Recognition and Rewards Should Be the New Normal

Time doesn’t do refunds. Nor does it offer any rewards. It’s a pithy statement made famous by David Hieatt, creator of the DO Lectures. In his talks to entrepreneurs, he says, “The ‘Time Bank’ won’t tell you how to spend it. Time poorly spent will not be replaced with more time.” Put that into perspective. […]
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