February 28, 2020

Category: Arguments Against AI

Employee Burnout Can Be Fatal – for Employees and ...

Ever felt so frustrated by work that you almost snapped? Tight schedules and crushing pressures are part and parcel of modern-day work environments. The depression-like symptoms often experienced by professionals as a result of various factors at work is referred to as Employee Burnout. Stress at work can give rise to extreme physical, mental and […]

Jobs Are Changing Because Of Artificial Intelligen...

IBM has always believed that 100% of jobs will ultimately change due to the impact of AI. Recent empirical research conducted by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab provides insights into the prediction and explains how it’s going to happen. The joint research by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and IBM scrutinized the probable applications of Machine […]

AI in Recruitment – Benefits and Challenges

Artificial Intelligence brings immense possibilities to the table. And Recruiting industry hasn’t been able to keep itself distant from AI. Recruiters are making use of AI-powered tools to boost their recruiting endeavors. AI for recruitment is an emerging category within HR Tech and has already made a mark for itself in the industry. Steps in […]

81% of UK Businesses Say a Shortage Of Talent Is T...

Professional Services Identify Top Barrier to the Sector’s AI Adoption as Lack of Regulation (87.5%) While Financial Services See a Lack of Transparency in AI as Biggest Hurdle (88.8%) The adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation technologies in the UK is still being stunted by a lack of digital skills in businesses according to […]