March 31, 2020

What Will Your Workplace Look Like In 2020?

How Will Your Workplace Look Like In 2020?

Automation Will Be The Ringmaster

The year 2020 will turn out to be a significant landmark for the future of employment. With companies across the globe, adopting automation and AI to get rid of repetitive and redundant tasks, the workforce of tomorrow will resort to upskill itself in order to adapt to the changing scenarios.

Majority of the professionals today are wary of automation. And very few companies are upskilling their employees to be able to match up to the changing workforce dynamics. Workers that would adapt to the changes and enhance their skills with suitable training, learning, and development initiatives will be able to last longer in the race.

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Forrester predicts that around 1.06 million jobs from cubicle, coordinator, and function-specific knowledge worker personas will get defunct by 2020, courtesy of automation. Contact centers will be most affected by automation, with quality assurance staff being reduced by 40%. There will be fewer customer services representatives, but those that stay will (need to) be highly trained and well-compensated.

On the other hand, work personas that involve empathy, intuition, and agility, will see a net addition of 331,500 jobs in the same year.

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Employee Experience Will Be Priority

By this time, the role of EX in building sustainable workplaces is pretty much evident. Companies that want to attract and retain top talent need to polish this aspect in order to do so. Samuel Stern, Principal Analyst at Forrester opines that organizations will get bolder and more controversial with their Employee Experience (EX) approaches. He believes companies will take employee experience seriously and will have strategies in place to drive the same.

Few areas where companies will advance their approach to employee experience in the year 2020:

  1.       Companies will stop apologizing for unorthodox EX and explicitly state who isn’t a fit.
  2.       Companies will stop treating gender as binary and find that doing so is good for business.
  3.       Companies will democratize EX investments beyond white-collar cubicles.

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